CBP Toolbox

CBP Software Toolbox Version 2.0

The CBP Software Toolbox is a suite of software for simulating reactive transport in cementitious materials and selected important degradation phenomena.

This innovative software toolbox provides a mechanism to meet DOE high priority needs by improving long‐term performance predictions of cementitious barriers by:

  • Quantifying and reducing uncertainty in Performance Assessment (PA) predictions.
  • Providing model to model verification for validation of performance predictions.
  • Simulating leaching and important degradation mechanisms on both leaching and structural performance.
  • Providing an extensive material property database with cementitious materials used in DOE facilities.

CBP Software Toolbox

CBP Software Toolbox Version 2.0 is an update and complete replacement for Version 1.0 released in November 2012 and includes three additional software modules. Version 2.0 is enabling users (e.g., DOE, NRC licensees, and other interested stakeholders) to more easily evaluate the performance of cementitious barriers and waste forms over the long term (i.e., up to and > 100 years for operating facilities and > 1000 years for waste management). For additional information, please see the Version 2.0 Factsheet.

The Toolbox Software

The primary software components are LeachXS/ORCHESTRA, STADIUM, and a GoldSim interface for probabilistic analysis of selected degradation scenarios. The current version supports analysis of leaching, external sulfate ingress and attack, including damage mechanics, and carbonation. The LeachXS component embodies an extensive material property measurements database with emphasis on cementitious materials used in DOE facilities, such as Saltstone (Savannah River Site) and Cast Stone (Hanford Site), tank closure grouts, and barrier concretes.

Several software packages are integrated into the Toolbox, each one having a specialized purpose, while interfacing with a GoldSim platform for probabilistic analysis.

  • A GoldSim model including a series of Dashboards and external interface elements that control CBP Partner code evaluation. A free GoldSim Player version is available to run the models.
  • A CBP custom Dynamic-link Library (DLL) called from the external interface element to link to the selected Partner code.
  • CBP Partner codes including
    • STADIUM – A numerical model developed by SIMCO Technologies, Inc. to predict the transport of ions and liquids in reactive porous media that has been used to estimate service life of concrete under attack from chloride and sulfate ions.
    • LeachXS/ORCHESTRALeachXS is a database coupled with an expert system for material characterization and environmental impact assessment based on contaminant release rates estimated from leaching tests such as the Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) test methods. Geochemical speciation and chemical reaction/transport modeling capabilities are integrated into LeachXS using ORCHESTRA.
  • A custom CBP Mesh2D program (called from a GoldSim external interface) that creates the finite element mesh that is used in the STADIUM program and additional support applications (e.g., text editor and Gnuplot).

Software descriptions and capability demonstrations are available in the following CBP reports:

  • “Description of the Software and Integrating Platform”, CBP-TR-2009-003, Rev 0, December 2009
  • “CBP Code Integration Goldsim Interface”, CBP-TR-2010-009-2, Rev. 0, June 2010.
  • “CBP Phase I Code Integration”, CBP-TR-2011-001, Rev. 0, September 2011.
  • “Demonstration of LeachXS™/ORCHESTRA Capabilities by Simulating Constituent Release from a Cementitious Waste Form in a Reinforced Concrete Vault”, CBP-TR-2010-007-C1, March 2010.
  • “Cementitious Barriers Partnership Task 7 Demonstration of STADIUM® for the Performance Assessment of Concrete Low Activity Waste Storage Structures”, CBP-TR-2010-007-C3, March 2010.

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Three two-day workshops were conducted to introduce potential Toolbox users to each software component through presentation materials, hands-on tutorial exercises, and consulting on user-selected scenarios. The workshop materials are available below:

Workshop Materials

Toolbox Version 1.0 Workshop Presentations
Introduction to the Cementitious Barriers Partnership (CBP) Kosson
Performance Assessment Challenges and Model Abstraction Flach
STADIUM® Modeling reactive transport in concrete: Application to CBP Samson
Leaching Assessment and USEPA Development of the Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) Kosson
Technical Basis for Models: Leaching, Sulfate Attack, Carbonation Models Sarkar
Introduction to GoldSim Dashboard interface and CBP software communication bridge Flach/Brown
Cementitious Barriers Partnership: Release of CBP Software ToolBox Phase I Brown/Flach
Hands-On Tutorial Exercises — Coming Soon

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