Task 12 Reports

Note that some materials (e.g., journal articles, published proceedings, etc. must be obtained from the publisher. For example, many Waste Management (WM) papers are included. WM Symposia offers Conference Proceedings publicly from 1975 – 2012 online without charge (“Online Proceedings” tab under Archives). Proceedings for 2013 are available for a charge.

Task Reports Chapters
Task 12: Experimental Plan Development and Execution, including experiments to clarify controlling mechanisms, model parameterization and model validation Experimental planning and design Arnold, J., J.C.L. Meeussen, A.C. Garrabrants, H.A. van der Sloot, and D.S. Kosson. 2009. The Impact of Mineral Deposition by Carbonation and Dissolution on Tortuosity for Leaching of Constituents from a Cementitious Waste Form. In NUCPERF 2009: Long-term Performance of Cementitious Barriers and Reinforced Concrete in Nuclear Power Plants and Waste Management. Cadarache, France. Paper available to RILEM members. Non-members can e-mail Lisa Bliss for more information
Arnold, J, Meeussen, JCL, Garrabrants, A, van der Sloot, HA & Kosson, DS 2010, The Impact of Mineral Deposition by Carbonation and Dissolution on Leaching of Constituents from a Cement Mortar, in WM’2010, WMSymposia, Phoenix, Arizona.
J. Arnold, D. Kosson, H. van der Sloot, R. DeLapp, P. Seignette, A. Garrabrants and K. Brown, 2010, Characterization of Reference Materials and Related Materials for the Cementitious Barriers Partnership, CBP-TR-2010-012-1, Cementitious Barriers Partnership. Main Report Appendices
van der Sloot, HA & Kosson, DS 2012. Use of characterisation leaching tests and associated modelling tools in assessing the hazardous nature of wastes, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vols. 207-208, pp. 36-43.
Arnold, J, Kosson, DS, Brown, KG, Garrabrants, AC, Meeussen, JCL & van der Sloot, HA 2013, Characterization and modeling of major constituent equilibrium chemistry of a blended cement mortar, EPJ Web of Conferences, vol. 56, 01004.
Application of the New US EPA Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) to DOE Environmental Management Challenges – 14383
Kosson, DS, Garrabrants, AC, van der Sloot, HA, and Brown, KG, 2014, WM’2013, WMSymposia, Phoenix, Arizona.