Task 2 Reports

Task Reports Chapters
Task 2: Review State-of-the-Art Mechanistic and Process Understanding and Approaches to Uncertainty and Integrating Platforms Review of Mechanistic Understanding and Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis Methods for Predicting Cementitious Barrier Performance November 2009 — CBP-TR-2009-002, Rev. 0 Mineralogical And Microstructural Evolution In Hydrating Cementitious Systems CBP-TR-2009-002-C2, Rev. 0
Early-Age Cracking Review: Mechanisms, Material Properties, And Mitigation StrategiesCBP-TR-2009-002-C3, Rev. 0
Chemical Degradation Review CBP-TR-2009-002-C4, Rev. 0
Mechanical Damage Review CBP-TR-2009-002-C5, Rev. 0
Moisture Transport Review CBP-TR-2009-002-C6, Rev 0
Review Of The Physical And Chemical Aspects Of Leaching Assessment CBP-TR-2009-002-C7, Rev 0
Review Of Thermodynamic And Adsorption Databases CBP-TR-2009-002-C8, Rev 0
Review Of Approaches To Coupling Physical, Structural And Chemical Mechanisms CBP-TR-2009-002-C9, Rev 0
Review Of Integrating Programs And Code Structures Used For DOE Environmental Assessments CBP-TR-2009-002-C10, Rev 0
Uncertainty Analysis Methods CBP-TR-2009-002-C11, Rev 0