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State-of-the-Art Tools Selected for the CBP Project

A set of state-of-the-art phenomenological tools is available from or proposed by members of the CBP that describe important phenomena needed for individual use as well as in the CBP integrated framework. These tools often require a significant amount of physical and chemical data as input, may involve a detailed computational grid as part of the solution, and describe a specific behavior of the cementitious barrier. Detailed descriptions of the selected tools are provided; however, brief descriptions including important information for the tools (i.e., overview, conceptual models, inputs, outputs, external databases, and development needs for integration) are provided in this overview section.

Current and planned CBP software will offer:

  1. a capability to predict physical and chemical properties of cementitious materials through time, and
  2. the transport/leaching of contaminant species from cementitious waste forms and through concrete barriers.

The CBP is generally focused on phenomena occurring in the near-field, within and adjoining engineered structures and contaminant source zones, at the centimeter to meter scale. Software modules are expected to be developed by the CBP and used by the Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM) system model for source zone material properties and/or contaminant flux.