Task 6 Reports

Note that some materials (e.g., journal articles, published proceedings, etc. must be obtained from the publisher. For example, many Waste Management (WM) papers are included. WM Symposia offers Conference Proceedings publicly from 1975 – 2012 online without charge (“Online Proceedings” tab under Archives). Proceedings for 2013 are available for a charge.

Task Reports Chapters
Task 6: Description of Prototype Reference Cases. Reference Cases For Use in the Cementitious Barriers Partnership, SRNL-STI-2009-00005, WM 2009 March 1-5, Andrew C. Garrabrants, CRESP and Vanderbilt University, and Kevin G. Brown, CRESP and Vanderbilt University Phoenix, AZ. OSTI Page
Reference Cases for Use in the Cementitious Barriers Partnership Project, CBP-TR-2010-006, Rev. 0, Langton, CA, Kosson, DS, & Garrabrants, AC, Savannah River National Laboratory and Vanderbilt University/CRESP; Cementitious Barriers Partnership, Aiken, SC and Nashville, TN